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As an Austin Interior Decorator I can  help you do decorating things like arrange your furniture and art placement on the walls, I can help you pick colors for your rooms, I can help you pick tile for your floors.  Pretty much anything you need decor help with, I can help you.  If you are a builder and you need an Interior Decorator to setup and decorate your model home, I do many of these for builders and I am very good at it.  One of the things I have noticed from people over the years is that they are intimidated by the hiring process of an interior decorator. Most people think the costs will be outrageous (they are not from me).  When you purchase an item, you have a price tag to look at , when you work with a consultant (like an interior decorator) you don't know how long the project will take, and you don't know if you can trust the person to honestly be efficient with their time to complete the project as soon as they can to not bill you for as much.  All of this I have heard over the years and I very much appreciate them as valid concerns.  I am VERY fast and VERY efficient with my time.  I have never over the years had one person complain about my billable hours, they have been pleasantly surprised at how affordable I have been.  To get people on board, to get them to give me try, I have a 2 Hr Interior Decorating Consultation on my website so that people can hire me for two hours. Within this two hour period we will work on what ever projects you steer me toward.  We can move furniture around, we can clean and arrange rooms, we can work on paint colors.  You name it, we can do it.  And, this will be a GREAT opportunity for you to evaluate me and my work to see how much more of my time you will want to take advantage of. 


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Whether you want help with a small space within your home, or you have a condo or apartment, I am affordable to work with all people and all spaces. 

Hiring me as your Austin Interior Decorator
is more affordable than you would think.


Austin TX Interior Decorator Interior Decorator Austin
Interior Decorator Austin TX Texas
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