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Solar Window Screens make a huge difference in Austin TX.


Solar Window Screens will make a HUGE difference at keeping the inside of your Austin TX home cooler during the summer months. 

Are your utility bills outrageous during the summer months?
Does your Austin Texas home's air-conditioner struggle during the summer months? 
Are some of your rooms much warmer than the rest of the rooms in the house during the summer months?  

If so, it's all 100% contributable to your home's windows.  50% of all the heat within your home that your A/C has to combat comes form your windows.  There are two factors that contribute to this warmth coming in through your windows, one if the windows are single paned, then you are getting hit by the natural ambient heat from outside.  As the glass will heat up just from the outside being hot.  That's what double pain windows are all about, to protect you from hot and cold outdoor ambient temperatures.  Double pain windows work because they allow the outside pain of the glass to get hot from the outdoor ambient heat, but because the inside pain is 3/8 an inch away from that outside pain of glass not touching that outside pain of glass, the heat from that heated-up outside pain of glass will not transfer to the inside pain of glass.  If your windows are made of single pain glass, you don't have that inside pain of glass as a barrier, to trap that warmth between the two panes of glass.  Now, what does not protect that inside pain of glass from the sun is the sun's rays.  The sun's rays while just passing through the glass, both the inside and outside panes, will make both panes of glass HOT.  Your double paned windows help you form ambient outdoor temperatures, but not from the suns rays.  Only shade will help you in this case.  If you had an awning or extended porch or even a full shade tree, you could keep the sun's rays off of your glass.  If none of these things are an option, what you will want is a solar window screen.  A solar window screen will install on the outside of the window providing shade for that window.  Even if you have single pane glass, the solar window screens will prove to be immensely effective, as the glass will no longer be getting baked by that brutal sun.  Watch this video to learn about the effectiveness of Austin Solar Screens.

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Austin Solar Window Screens will keep the sun out of your house. We have five colors of solar window screens.
We install our solar window screens in the Austin TX area to include Pfugerville and Round Rock. Solar Screens are the answer for Austin Texas Home's heat gain problem.


I talked about windows being a 50% contributable heat gain factor to the heat that gets in to your home.  Other sources of heat are items that run electricity through them.  Anything that runs electricity through it will generate heat.  Walk up to your computers or your television set, or for that matter something small like the charger plugged in to your wall for your cell phone.  All this creates heat, and any and all heat has to be cooled off by the air conditioner.  Some people think that ceilings are a huge source of heat, but according to the Department of Energy, attic heat through the ceilings only represent 6% of a home's heat gain.  Walls and floors contribute 19% which is huge.  Here in Austin we do not have too many pier and beam houses, so I don't know how much heat gain there is from the floors here in Austin.  There are those older pier and beam houses downtown, but aren't too many pier and beam homes that have been built in the past 30yrs here in Austin Texas.  As far as heat from the walls, oh yes, that is the case for the houses that get no shade help from trees.  We have a ton of new construction, where there are NO trees to provide shade.  The walls of people's houses do get hot.  We go to people's red bricked homes all the time whereby we can feel the heat from those hot red bricks as far as fifteen feet away.  It's crazy, as we walk up to the house we can feel the het from as far as 15' away.  In Austin Texas during the hot summer, it doesn't get cool enough in the evening to cool off those bricks.  Homes like this that have a super hot exterior, you know that heat radiates in to the home through the walls.  And even in the evening those bricks are still warm so you know the heat still radiates in to the house at night.  We know it does, because the homeowners that we speak to with houses like this, with red brick that's exposed to full out sun, there story is always the same, they ALL tell us how their home's never cool off inside, that is is almost impossible to cool down the inside of their home.  Knowing what I know about red brick homes, I would never own one here in Austin.  Sorry for those of you that do.  My suggestion is to plant some fast growing trees now.  The department of energy says that 13% of a home's heat gain comes from cracks, leaks and openings in a home.  That's a lot.  I don't remotely see this being the case in our newer homes, as the newer homes are sealed SOOOO exceptionally well.  

It is my opinion that for the newer Austin TX Homes
that 65% to 80% of your home's heat gain
is through your windows.

I say this because today's homes are energy efficiently built so well, that they have virtually no leaks and cracks to let cool air out and hot air in, and the ceilings with today's R value of insulation is so good that that's not a problem, and all new homes in the Austin Texas area are built on concrete slabs so you know there is no heat gain there.  That leaves small things like appliances and human activity which doesn't create a lot of heat.  Without any doubt I firmly believe 65% to 80% of the heat that gets into a newly built Austin TX home comes through the windows from the HOT Sun.  There is No Question in my mind.  It's that hot sun that heat's up the glass of your windows and those sun's rays that heat-up anything they come in to contact with inside the home that's creating your source of heat gain.


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On my Solar Screens Austin TX website I publish my installed pricing so that you can easily determine what the installed solar screen cost will be.  I  have made it very easy, I do not try to convolute matters by offering an array of solar screen products.  How I operate is that I will only build and install for you what I have and would only have for myself, and that's it, no low-end products period.  I hand make my Austin Solar Screens specific to the unique sizes of each of your windows, and I make them with very durable industrial grade 1" wide aluminum framing.  I only use the Phifer Suntex Sun Control fabric, I do not use any other type of fabric, as this fabric is the best and strongest out there, period.  I don't use any plastic components at all, as exposed plastic will eventually deteriorate in the Texas sun.  Please take a few moments and visit my website where you can learn so much about my Solar Screens Austin Texas services including installation videos and a thorough questions and answers page along with hundreds and hundreds of reviews from my Austin Solar Window Screen customers.


Austin Solar Screens provide shade for Windows of Austin TX Homes. Solar Window Screens lok best on all your home's windows.
Read MANY Solar Screen Austin TX Customer Reviews here. Solar Screens Austin TX should be on all Sun Stricken windows.
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Hutto Texas Window Sun Blocking Screens installation.

If you are looking for window shade screens that provide sun blocking technology, then these screens are your answer. As shown in this picture, you're going to see a Hutto, Texas sun blocking window screens installation that we did for this customer.

This is your traditional Austin limestone home.

It's a white limestone exterior and this customer used the black sun blocking window screen fabric which is a great contrast to this house. Another good reason why we used the black is you will see he's got a black star there over his garage. He's got a black light fixture. He's got black shutters around the windows. That means, for sure for that of continuity, you'd want to go with the black sun blocking window screen fabric.


Sun Shade Window Screen installation for Austin TX home.

On this home, we used the black sunshade fabric color with the tanned frame. You'll see that the trim on this home is a tan‑like color. You'll see there that the garage door is made out of a tan‑like color. Therefore, the tan framing that we used for this Austin solar window screen install complemented those components of the house well.

The black fabric that we used, it complements the bricks exterior really well, as well as it goes with the shutters there. Those shutters are black. Therefore, the black fabric really worked well with them.

This customer did not put the screens around their front door which I would have preferred to have seen them do.


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